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Zeitarbeit Dienstleistung

As a modern personnel service provider, we offer a wide range of services in the field of temporary employment.

Zeitarbeit Dienstleistung

Temporary work - what is it?

Although temporary work is an integral part of the German labor market, many people are unaware of the benefits, opportunities, rights and obligations. Temporary work is a triangular relationship between the temporary employment agency, the hirer and the temporary worker (agency worker). The temporary worker is in an employment relationship with the temporary employment agency and is entitled to all the benefits of statutory employee law. The lender provides the hirer with employees and manpower and is remunerated for this.

Temporary work for companies

For companies, we offer numerous services in the context of temporary employment and direct placement. Our successful employee leasing service relieves companies throughout South Baden. Temporary work helps you to avert staff shortages and the threat of a shortage of skilled workers. We provide you with qualified personnel who meet your exact requirements and are available at the right time and in the right place. We take care of the entire application process for you so that your company has more time to carry out the important tasks of day-to-day business.

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Temporary work for applicants

For applicants, temporary work is the ideal way to get back into working life. We help you to find a new job that matches your skills and requirements. If you decide to work with rt Personal, we will create an individual personality profile of you, which will record your strengths and skills. Based on your wishes, we will send your application to a large number of companies that have a suitable job for you. When it comes to temporary employment, the professional support of our applicants is particularly important to us. We are at your side from the initial contact through to successful job placement.

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The development of temporary employment

Temporary work is experiencing rapid growth and has become an integral part of today's professional world. The range of jobs extends from unskilled labor to service occupations and engineering and management positions. The Federal Employment Agency regularly publishes a study documenting the development of temporary work in Germany. In 2015, the total number of temporary workers in Germany was just under one million. In 1985, there were only 42,000 temporary workers. 78% of all temporary workers work full-time and are subject to social security contributions. Mini-jobs are rather rare in the temporary employment sector and make up the smallest share at 8%. The remaining percentage is made up of part-time and seasonal workers.

Characteristics of temporary employment

In practice, there are many characteristics that must be taken into account when hiring out employees.

In Germany, there are two collective agreements for the temporary employment sector. These collective agreements are concluded with the German Trade Union Confederation (DGB). These contracts set out basic provisions such as remuneration, working hours, overtime, notice period, continued employment and tax law.

rt Personal GmbH uses the collective agreement of the Interessenverband Deutscher Zeitarbeitsunternehmen e.V. (iGZ).

The second agreement was concluded between the DGB and the Federal Employers' Association of Personnel Service Providers (BAP).

Working hours

The average monthly working time for temporary work is 35 hours per week. However, the temporary worker is bound to the working hours of the hirer. This means that if a company works 40 hours a week, the temporary worker must also work 40 hours, but is only paid for 35 hours. So that this does not lead to unfair remuneration, the remaining 5 hours are credited to the working time account.

Working time account

The working time account documents how many hours a temporary worker has worked. Depending on the collective agreement, a certain number of plus and minus hours can be accumulated. The working time account is balanced by means of compensatory time off or by paying out the remaining hours when the employment relationship ends. The employment contract can stipulate that monthly overtime is paid out and not automatically credited to the temporary employment account.

Notice period

The notice periods for temporary work are relatively short. The iGZ collective agreement stipulates that a two-day notice period must be observed within the first four weeks of the probationary period. Thereafter, a notice period of one week applies until the third month, followed by a notice period of two weeks. The statutory notice periods apply from the seventh month of employment. The short notice periods have various advantages for temporary workers and companies. Employees benefit from the opportunity to try out several companies in a shorter period of time in order to find a suitable position. Companies have the advantage that they can quickly adjust their personnel requirements in the event of a fluctuating order situation.


The remuneration for temporary work is based on the pay grade of the work performed. This presupposes that the temporary worker also meets all the necessary qualifications at the time of recruitment. If it is determined later in the course of employment that these are not sufficiently available, a downgrading may take place. If a higher qualification level is determined, an upgrade can be made depending on the assignment.

The average gross salary in temporary employment is around €1,700 and varies between €1,400 and €4,000 depending on the industry, qualifications and job.

Continued employment

A temporary employment agency such as rt Personal GmbH can also act as a recruitment agency. This occurs when a temporary worker is permanently employed by the hirer. In this case, the company must pay an agency fee. A free takeover is only possible if the fixed employment relationship has expired.


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